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New Zealand Adventure Travel Offers a Variety of Activities.

What are the best adventures and outdoor activities in New Zealand? This is a difficult question to answer, as New Zealand is one of the most versatile countries for outdoor adventure travel. The sheer size of the country means that there is plenty of activities for everyone, with some adventurous activities being restricted to members of a particular age group or group activity. In this article, we will discuss the best adventure destinations in New Zealand.

The North Island

The North Island is the most northerly part of New Zealand, and this is the most suited destination for the adventure traveller. The most popular activity in the North Island is rock climbing, and one of the best destinations for this activity. Climbing is not the only activity that can be enjoyed in the North Island, trekking is also popular. For those seeking more leisurely outdoor pursuits, there are other activities available, including camping, kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding and white water rafting.

The South Island

The South Island is also popular for adventure holidays and it does have some great activities. Mountain biking is an enormous favourite, with many great tracks suitable for all abilities and experience. You can mountain bike in more than one direction at a time, with many great tracks in South Island. Another popular activity is rock climbing. There are also many great camping options in South Island with breathtaking scenery.

The Otago Peninsula

The Otago Peninsula, located on the South Island, offers a great range of outdoor activities. Otago has very steep rock walls which provide some of the best rock climbing in the country. For those who are really seeking peace, the wildlife sanctuaries offer a perfect alternative. Here you can explore via walking, horse riding, fishing and even canoeing. The Sanctuary Wilderness is a true paradise for nature lovers. As you can see, the Peninsula provides a plethora of activities for adventure travellers of all abilities. As the number of visitors and travellers increase, so does the accommodation options in New Zealand, meaning that you will have no problems finding somewhere suitable.

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